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Dr. Seuss Books

Dr. Seuss books are classics. Children AND Parents love them. I would read them on a boat. I would read them with a goat. I would read them in a house. I would read them to a mouse.

Get 7 Free Dr. Seuss Books

If you love Dr. Seuss, here's a great way to get a library started. You'll get 7 free books and a free Dr. Seuss backpack. Plus a 50th Anniversary Edition of The Cat in the Hat for $4.99 plus s+h.

Yup, that's right.. The Cat in the Hat is 50 years old now. We all just keep enjoying the mischief he gets into everywhere he goes.

Get your Dr. Seuss books today.

Help your Child to Read

ClickN' Read Phonics is a software that helps children who are having trouble reading.

Try out 2 free lessons.

Children's Book of the Month Club

Help children of all ages learn the fundamentals of reading. As a member of the Children's Book of the Month Club you will have access to thousands of well known kid's books.

New members also get a free backpack as a special gift.

The Good Cook Book Club

Learn to make better meals with The Good Cook. Choose from books from all the cooking stars from the Food Network. As a new member to the book club you get four books for $1 each.
This requires a s+h fee of $11.71.