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Greeting cards you can send by email are also known as ecards or electronic cards. We really need to hug whoever invented them because they sure do make our life easier! We've all been guilty of remembering that important date at the last second with no time to run the store. Or if you're like us at the EFS Network, you'll have a card sitting on your kitchen counter for weeks in advance and forget to mail it.

They're easy to use. Just browse the section for the type of card you want: birthdays, anniversarys, love, holidays, etc. Make your selection, fill in your email address and put in the address for who you're sending it to. Then you can write anything you want that will show in addition to what's already on the card. Go crazy - get creative!


Free Musical eCards - no fees - no subscriptions - just FREE. You choose the design and music. Write your greeting and send. Plus you can download that song or any other of 1000's on the site to keep and enjoy.

Mother's Day eCards

It's Mother's Day soon,
so remember to send your MOM a free card - you know how she loves them
. US only

If you send your MOM a gushy enough card, you can get out of trouble for everything you did in the past year


Do you live in the UK? Here's a special link for you to
send your MOM a free eGreeting card
for her special day.
Go ahead and do it now before you forget!

FREE eCards - US Residents

Check this out for free eCards - No Registration - No Adware - No Spyware
You also get cool bonuses like Cursors and Smilies. They have over 1000 cards to choose from!

FREE Electronic Cards for UK Residents

These eCards are just for residents of the UK.

As always: No registration - No Spyware - No Adware.
Over 1000 cards to choose from. Never miss a birthday again!

Choose your favorite card.

FREE Online Cards - International Residents

This free eCard offer is for all countries. Send birthday, anniversary, love, friendship cards and more. No registration required - No Adware - No Spyware!

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