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What Will Your Own Zwinky Homepage Look Like?

Zwinkies are the newest craze happening now.

Zwinky is a completely free buddy you can create and dress There are over 10,000 different outfits, accessories and other items you can choose from including a surfboard.

You can change your makeup, hairstyle, and skin tone. Be an angel one day and a devil the next to suit your own mood.

It's easy to install and doesn't put any other programs on your computer (YEAH)... and how do you like this: No registration or personal information is required.

Now you can take your Zwinky on a vacation to Zwinktopia where you can roam around the virtual world, meet friends and earn ZBucks to buy clothing and other goods. ZBucks are, of course, the currency in Zwinktopia. What else would you call them?! Earn ZBucks by playing games - you don't even have to be good to earn them.

Would you like to turn yourself into a 3-D image? That's only one of the cool features you get with the Zwinky toolbar. You also get smileys, eCards, custom avatars and screensavers. Find other users with Zwinkys - have a best dressed contest!

What are you waiting for?

Personalize your Zwinky avatar -
choose your own clothing, accessories, hairstyles, backgrounds and more!

Go download and install it now - start having more fun!

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Zwinky Video as seen on TV

Here's the new Zwinky video that's now being shown on TV. The Zwinky "Gods" have created a new world for Zwinkies - Zwinktopia.

Take your Zwinky for a tour of Zwinktopia. Meet new friends, play games and earn ZBucks. Use your ZBucks to go shopping for cool stuff. Now you can make your Zwinky even more unique.

Check out more Zwinktopia info here.

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Dress Up Zwinky!

Here's some cool Zwinky features:

SMILEY CENTRAL: This allows you to insert smiley faces and other graphics into your e-mail and instant messages.

CURSOR MANIA: This allows you to change the look of your mouse cursor.

FUN BUDDY ICONS: This allows you to add icons to instant message clients.

MY FUN CARDS: This provides access to free electronic greeting cards that you can personalize on the Web and send to any email address.

MY MAIL STATIONERY: This provides you with background images, colors and themes to enhance the look of outgoing email messages.

POP SWATTER: Zaps pop-up ads before they appear.


Create Your Very Own Zwinky Pal!

But WAIT - there's MORE

MY INFO: This provides instant access to the latest local weather, stock prices, sports scores and news headlines.

MY MAIL NOTIFIER: This allows you to use animated characters to alert you to new web mail messages.

MY MAIL SIGNATURE: This allows you to create signature designs for outgoing email messages.

MY MAIL STAMP: This allows you to insert digital stamp designs into outgoing email messages.

POPULAR SCREENSAVERS: This provides you with photos and images to use as a screensaver or wallpaper on your computer.

SMOTOS: This enables you to post, share, download and store images. Share online photo albums through email.

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